People with mental illness can and do recover.

Welcome to, the mental ill health information resource. is a user-friendly database of comprehensive information for persons with self-experience of mental ill health, their caring relatives, the general public and healthcare professionals. provides information about mental ill health and offers a platform to centralise the relaying of information in Ireland.
Shine is the national organisation dedicated to upholding the rights and addressing the needs of all those affected by enduring mental illness including, but not exclusively, schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder and bi-polar disorder, through the promotion and provision of high-quality services and working to ensure the continual enhancement of the quality of life of the people it serves.

Information Helpline:
1890 621631

What is Mental Ill Health?
If you have a mental illness
Relatives & Friends
The Recovery Process
Getting Help
National & International Research
Suicide & Mental Ill Health
Challenging Stigma
Housing & Homelessness Issues
Education & Training
National Mental Health Policy
Legal Issues
Entitlements & Benefits
Disability & Equal Opportunities
Related Mental Health & Health Issues
Related Organisations & State Bodies
Achievements in Art & Literature
Stories of Recovery
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